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Mobile Recharge:Binary Marketing

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DTH Recharge
My Recharge currently provide Recharge facility to all Leading DTH companies users Like Dish TV, TATA Sky, Big TV, Sun TV, Videocon & Airtel.

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Registration Plan

It is an attractive opportunity for every individual to become independent Distributer.
It is very simple to Register with 1260/- and you automatically become an
Independent Business distributer of my recharge.

Get Accidental insurance of Rs. 1 Lakh worth for 1 Year.
Get free Recharge of 100 Rs. each for next 12 months.*
Get 10,000 Bulk sms of worth 500/- for your personal use.
Binary Income
Binary plan is the favorite plan that most widely accepted all over the world. Everyone has
to sponsor Minimum of 2 sales one in Left and one in right on their own to make themselves
as eligible of Binary pair bonus.

However if they make more than 2 sales on their choice of left of right, the sale will be
 placed to the extreme bottom vacancy on the selected side. The first pair income will
be released when you have min of 3 sales on total of 2 sides as tail system.

First Pair is count 2:1 or 1:2 after that pair count is 1:1

All the sales will be accumulated in the left and Right side separately and lower side will have match with higher side. The highest Balanced on the both sides will be paid as pair income as Matched pairs with Rs. 225/- per pair with a daily upper ceiling 5 Pairs. The pairs matched above the daily ceiling will be flushed out and un-balanced will be carry forward for next day business. 
It says every one can earn Maximum of Rs. 1125 per day per ID in the Binary Pair Income. 
Besides Binary’s beauty of the system we are also offering to compensate with other incomes
 for who can’t succeed in the Binary system. However the basic norms of binary system is 
followed to apply trimming as and when required.

Spill Income 

Further to the eligibility in the Binary plan by making
2 directs, any further sponsors are called as Spill,
and a Spill Incentive is
Rs. 50/- on all variety of packages are paid.

On Every sale in the down line of your Spill ID upto
unlimited depth of any other Spill in the network
Rs. 50/- per ID as Spill Income. The Income of
Spill Incentive doesn’t require any balancing
or no trimming or no ceiling is applied.

Rewards and Ranking
S. NoRewardAmount In Rs.RankEligibilityTime
Color Mobile
2,000Star30+30 (Pair L&R)20 days
20,000Silver Star3 Star Left+ 3 Star Right75 days
100 cc Bike
40,000Gold Star3 Silver Star Left +3 Silver Star Right150 days
Alto Car
100,000Ruby Star3 Gold Star Left +3 Gold Star Right250 days
Swift Desire
300,000Diamond3 Ruby Star Left +3 Ruby Star Right365 days

Note::Rewards will be given in the cash mode (cheque or account transfer) only
after deducting TDS and Service charge.

Leadership Royalty
The Company is excited to pay an assured income every month for
the leaders who prove themselves.
The company spares Rs. 25 from every new package sold in
the company and shared equally among all the eligible Leadership Royalty eligibilities.

Eligibility for Royalty:

any active distributor who came 25 times in capping in 100 days from the date of joining and maintains 10 pairs of fresh sales every month on both sides will be eligible for Royalty for next 12 months. In a calendar month let us assume the company has got 10000 new recruitments. So the Leadership Royalty for the Month will be Rs. 25 X 10000 New sales = Rs. 2,50,000 – Leadership Royalty Fund.

In the company there are 50 people who are coming 25 times capping in 100 days from the date of joining. Then the Leadership Royalty will be as follows:

Rs. 2,50,000
----------------- = Rs. 5,000 will be the Leadership
 50 Eligible        Royalty for the month.  

Recharge Income

Recharge any Mobile and DTH from E-wallet Earning and earn Recharge commission. You can earn 4.5% commission on your every recharge.
LevelIf Recharge only 200 Rs MonthlyAllotment AmountYour Income per month in this Zone
Self12 RsRs. 2.00x2 = 4.00
1st3 (L+R+Spill)0.25 PRs. 0.75x2 = 1.50
2nd3x3=90.25 PRs. 2.25x2 = 4.50
3rd9x3=270.25 PRs. 6.75x2 = 13.50
4th27x3=810.25 PRs. 20.25x2 = 40.50
5th81x3=2430.25 PRs. 60.75x2 = 121.50
6th243x3=7290.25 PRs. 182.25x2 = 364.50
7th729x3=21870.25 PRs. 546.75x2 = 1093.50
8th2187x3=65610.25 PRs. 1640.00x2 = 3280.00
9th6561x3=196830.25 PRs. 4920.75x2 = 9841.50
10th19683x3=590490.25 PRs. 14762.25x2 = 29524.50
TotalRs. 44289.50
Note:: Recharge incentive (%) Percent depends on different Companies commission
average and subject to change any time without any prior notice

Bulk sms Pack
Company will provide 10, 000 Bulk sms pack to every new joined member for personal use with 160 characters.
Members can use this pack with a validity of 180 days.
maximum 100 sms per day.